Revision lecture

Function point analysis

The vocabulary that comes from mainframe computing

  • When it talks about input, output and logical files, it is talking about batch files that are run overnight that contain large amounts of data.
  • File types
    • sequential
    • index sequential
    • random access
  • It is a way of calculating the complexity of different computational processes.
  • It is important to know the formulae for COCOMO and be able to insert values into the formulae given in a question
    • the effort in person months
    • development time in months
    • abbreviations such as KDSI
    • The three classes of project
    • Won't be calculations - just verifying if given insertions are correct.

Software processes

  • Know the pros and cons of the processes

Software Assurance Definition

  • Look at the allstate lecture slides.
    • Security
    • TDD
  • Be familiar at least with the names and broad nature of the types of security issues

Software project management

  • Be able to complete a network analysis question. Refer to tutorial for more notes
  • Look at metrics
  • No calculations necessary in test. might be given figures to analyse. If given values are correct - if correct forumula is used.

Requirements engineering

  • How a use case differs from a user story
  • Use case diagrams, read in direction of the arrow - slide 79 - K extends N