POP Server

List of common commands used to interact with the POP server

  • USER
  • PASS
  • LIST - provide message list
  • DELE - delete a message
  • QUIT - End the interaction

A POP server connects to port 110.

A problem with POP email is that once an email client fetches the emails, they are removed from the server. This makes it difficult to access the same emails from any other device or system. 

IMAP Server

Internet message access protocol. More capable than POP. The most prominent feature of an IMAP server is that it provides central access to emails. IMAP servers keep the email messages on the server itself so that they can be access from any device with access to the server.

The server also provides easy management of emails like searching, categorizing the emails and placing them into various subfolders etc.

The email client connects to the server via port 143.